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We are mixed media company with a heavy focus on Preservation of cultures, history, science, and folklore. We provide a platform for creators to promote their projects and sell merchandise via our E-Store


Our Archives are a Public forum for the use and enjoyment of everyone

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Creators are part of the Misteyre Creations community. They are friends and Affiliates who we wish to promote and collaborate with to bring you the best content possible.

Weaving by Hand

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Current Preservation Project

Our Preservation project is to provide unbiased and accurate information to the public through our archive. We used the image of the Pashupati seal because it was the inspiration for this project. This plate was easily available but still hidden as it wasn’t in the mainstream being promoted to the world. This image comes from the National Museum of New Delhi where the plate is housed. We work with museums and private collectors to provide the information in our archive. Please check out more by clicking read more below.

Projects on the go


Projects we are working on right now are as follows.

* Pashupati plate

* Gunstrap Cauldron

* First Nations Folklore

* Podcasts " misteyre creations"

* Preservation archives

* Folklore Sculpts

* Documentaries

* Ten Pence Terrors

EVENTS We have updated the website, finished Season 1 of the Podcast and are working on Season 2. Our first sculpture for folklore is Thedisman a merman which was sighted at Thedis lake in Sannich Vancouver Island BC.
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