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About Us

Misteyre Creations is a mixed media company with a heavy focus on preservation. We preserve cultures, history, science and folklore through our archive. We do this in two ways. Our podcast where we interview people in many professions and backgrounds and digitally in our archive which is public for you to browse. Your help is greatly needed here share our content and website. The more people who contribute to our content the better we are able to support this community. Speaking of community. We have a creator program which helps to showcase and promote creators who work towards the same goal as us. Check them out! We are creating original content and will announce projects as they are released so keep an eye out for alerts via our Facebook Profile, Instagram and website.

It is our mission to build an extensive archive of cultures, histories, science and folklore. To keep cultures alive through the digital preservation of their knowledge, societies and histories. This information is freely available to all who wish to learn. We focus on the lost and hidden cultures, histories, science and folklore to provide an avenue for relearning and rebuilding that which we have lost. For more information about the creator program click on the Creator tab above. For more information about the archive click on the archive tab above.

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