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Digital Archive

Our Archive was created for the Preservation of cultures, history, science and folklore. We create 3D files to help preserve the artifacts and generate interest in their study. This is only done with the permission of the owners of the artifacts and the communities they represent. We also provide digital document preservation which is stored in our library and backed up off site. We are actively preserving all cultures, history, science, and folklore from around the world. We are doing this as accurately as we can and will update as new information comes.


Art into Artifacts

We also create new artifacts from folk Lore. This is a purely artistic project but it show cases an integral part of what ancient artifacts are. They show the thoughts and minds of the people who created them. Both ancient and new artifacts are of great importance. Its our goal to preserve and protect these artifacts in Digital format for your benefit. 

Native Art in  Canada


This ia a beautiful site devoted to the art and culture of the Ojibwa people. The Lady who runs it is a kind and great artist and story tell. Check it out and immerse your self in Ojibwa culture.

British Museum


The British Museum has over 2 million years of human history housed in it. They have collections from around the world, Europe, Asia, the Middle east. They have many other collections which are more local which are great too. This is a place to visit both online and physically.

Man Hiking in Wilderness

Archangel ancient tree Archive

The Archangel ancient tree archive is a very special project which is near and dear to us. We want everyone who can to check them out and help if you can. 

World history Encyclopedia

World History Encyclopedia is a non-profit organization publishing the world's most-read history encyclopedia. Its mission is to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide.

the castle.jpg

Craigdarroch is a grand bonanza castle built by the Dunsmir Family. The Dunsmir family was the richest and most influential in Western Canada of their time. For more information click the button below.


Fairy tales are cautionary tales of the past which can be whimsical or grim. They are great fun to read and immerse your mind in. 

Mister Fox Cover0001.jpg

Artifact of the week

Mister Fox is this weeks Artifact. This delightful book gives us a window into the world of children in the mid 1800s. Look for it under M in the archive. Read it and see for yourself!

Cuneiform Initiative

Sumerian banner.jpg

The Cuneiform project is a joint project between universities around the world doing research and preserving Cuneiform and Sumerian artifacts. We are linking their website here to allow the public the opportunity to view and study the documents they have. It is important to keep a record of our past and the cultures of the past. This project is in line with our own and please enjoy!


The National Museum, New Delhi, as we see it today, has an interesting beginning. The blueprint for establishing the National Museum in Delhi was prepared by the Maurice Gwyer Committee in May 1946. An Exhibition of Indian Art, consisting of selected artefacts from various museums of India was organized by the Royal Academy, London with the cooperation of Government of India and Britain. The Exhibition went on display in the galleries of Burlington House, London during the winter months of 1947-48. It was decided to display the same collection in Delhi, before the return of exhibits to their respective museums. An exhibition was organized in the the RashtrapatiBhawan (President's residence), New Delhi in 1949, which turned out to be a great success. This event proved responsible for the creation of the National.

smithsonian diversity.jpg

Smithsonian has a huge library of digital images and 3d models they have graciously allowed us to link to their site here. The image above is their exhibit "Documenting Diversity" which explains the Smithsonian's role in shaping Anthropology. Please visit the exhibit.


Tamed Wild was founded on the belief in ancient herbal remedies to heal not only the body, but the soul. We believe what is given to us by the earth is all we really need to live happy and healthy lives. With this comes the love for old world traditions and rituals, including those for self care & spiritual growth. Our mission is to support small makers while giving our clients a place they can feel good about supporting. All of our products are ethically sourced and crafted. Products that are specific to a culture are purchased from the artisans of that culture and in support of fair trade. Our herbs and teas are organic, and beginning fall 2020, will be certified organic and kosher. Our employees are paid living wages and we offer full benefits. Everything we make is handcrafted, hand poured & created with intention. We are blessed with an amazing staff that have allowed us to grow in business while keeping our products true to our intent & purpose.  

Always remember; while tools, stones and herbs are a potent addition to any spell or ritual, the only magick you truly need resides within yourself.

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