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Night Sky

Digital Archive

Our Archive was created for the Preservation of cultures, history, science and folklore. We create 3D files to help preserve the artifacts and generate interest in their study. This is only done with the permission of the owners of the artifacts and the communities they represent. We also provide digital document preservation which is stored in our library and backed up off site. We are actively preserving all cultures, history, science, and folklore from around the world. We are doing this as accurately as we can and will update as new information comes.


Art into Artifacts

We also create new artifacts from folk Lore. This is a purely artistic project but it show cases an integral part of what ancient artifacts are. They show the thoughts and minds of the people who created them. Both ancient and new artifacts are of great importance. Its our goal to preserve and protect these artifacts in Digital format for your benefit. 

Mister Fox Cover0001.jpg

Artifact of the week

Mister Fox is this weeks Artifact. This delightful book gives us a window into the world of children in the mid 1800s. Look for it under M in the archive. Read it and see for yourself!

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