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 Our Current Projects

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Pahsupati Plate 3D sculpture. This is one of our works where we can create a piece of art which represents history. We are working on a sculture of this which can be used as a display piece or mimiaturized and used in game play. this will be readily sold via our website when finished.


The Archive Project allows us to catalog and provide information about world cultures, history, science, folklore.  To date we have some heavy hitters with us on this such as the Smithsonian, British museum, and The Cuneiform project. We are looking for local and international members to link to our archive to create the best source for information we can. We are including our own work in the archive in hope to bring back the lost and forgotten histories and mysteries. Please come help us by Donating or join our Patreon which will open January 2023!

Folklore sculptures

This is an on going project which is one of our main works. We bring to life creatures from folklore in 3D sculpture. The first one we have done is a local cryptid we are calling Thedisman. 


Ainu People


The Ainu People


Ainu are the original inhabitants of Japan. They are part of the Genetic group D in the genetic index. They came originally from Central Africa into and throughout Asia. They moved into the Japanese Islands about 100,000 years ago according to oral histories. There is a lot of conjecture about how they moved into Japan. Some say they came into Japan from the north through Siberia others tracking genetic testing say they Came into Japan through Europe into Asia and down into the Japanese Islands from Korea. It is likely several migrations took place.

Ainu people are unique in that they are not Asiatic. They are lighter skinned, looking more European. They lived throughout Japan, and into Siberia at one point. They are accepted into the Sami preservation project and are recognized as an indigenous people by the United Nations. They have their own language and culture which was nearly lost due to an assimilation policy which incorporated many Ainu into Japanese culture much like what has happened in Canada and the US. In recent years this policy has changed and the Ainu have seen a revival in their culture and have reclaimed their identity. Ainu art, music and dance are beautiful and unique. They are among the lucky ones as many cultures have faded into antiquity lost to time. The Japanese government now have Ainu representation and schools are offering cultural courses and language courses in an effort to keep the Ainu culture alive. Through education and sharing of their culture we hope that the Ainu will be around for another 100,000 years.




What race are the Ainu people of Japan?



The Untold Story of Japan's First People

Jude Isabella is a science writer and editor who serves as the editor-in-chief of Hakai Magazine.


Ainu people




Have You Heard About The Ainu? Elders of Japan's Indigenous People Speak



Have You Heard About the Ainu? (Part 2) Toward a Better Understanding and World Peace



10 Fascinating Facts About the Ainu



Genetic origins of the Ainu inferred from combined DNA analyses of maternal and paternal lineages

Tajima et al.,have%20observed%2025%20types%20of%20mtDNA...%20More%20


Misteyre Creations Podcast is our way of getting information out there in a form everyone can listen to.  In our podcast we will support local and international creators, Cultural awareness, historical works, Science, folklore, and research. Our Second season will air October 2022. Come join us in this adventure!.

Ten Pence Terrors


Space Pie.jpg

Ten Pence Terrors is an audio magazine hosted by Beast who introduces the stories and content of the Magazine. He will sometimes narrate stories and other times interject his own commentary after the reading to comedic and disturbing degrees. Ten Pence Terrors is a frighting mix of true crime, myths legends, and scary stories. It showcases authors, history, myths and legends in a lighthearted and sometimes frightening way. Ten Pence Terrors is intended for a mature audience so listener discretion is advised.

Mister Fox

Mister Fox Cover0001.jpg

Mister Fox is a children's Story book first Printed in 1857. This is an a copy of the original which was pre-owned and by the inscription inside given as a gift to William on July 7th 1863.

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