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Dan Thompson

Author and Anthropologist

I study natural phenomena, both contemporary and ancient from an interdisciplinary perspective. Particularly the mythological, psychological approaches to our origins. 

Some of my conclusions are purely logical and deductive following a traditional research method, while others are more subtle and intuitional, decoding the meaning and practical application of modern artifacts, including consumer goods, through their inherent radiance (beauty) or truth.

As active participants in the phenomenology of perception, we must be aware of our influence on what we are observing when trying to achieve objective results. Patience in this process is as crucial as attention to detail and repetition. 

We learn as much from our environment as we do from any other kind of knowledge or source, in fact our environment may be the true, original source. The longer we can prevent ourselves from projecting our own pre-conceived notions on what we are seeing, the closer we will get to its true form, or essence.

If we are not constantly objectifying this faculty we will end up with an idiosyncratic interpretation of our surroundings which, while interesting, will not yield useful information. This is not to say that I support an objectivist view of reality (objectivist in the poetic sense), but rather an intersubjective one, where we are subjects constituting the objects around us through the faculty of conscious awareness. We are never apart from consciousness and the objects of consciousness, they are always one. 


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