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Tips and Hints

Misteyre Creations is a preservation community which seeks to protect Cultures, History, Science and Folklore. Our Creators and museums are a huge part of our community but so are you! Your tips and hints help us to succeed at protecting the knowledge of humanity. Tips are donations which help us fund projects, build and maintain the archive, and produce our content for you to enjoy. Your hints help us immensely! They help us find hidden gems which need to be protected. Please drop us a line via email or text us your hints. Email us at or text us at


* Misteyre Creations is a for-profit company. All donations are put back into the company to help us grow and build. We are working on becoming a partial non-profit so we can properly pay our speakers, help fund research and museums, and pay for travel so we can bring wonders of the world to you. We thank everyone for their support and are 100% transparent about where are funds go, if you have any questions, please email us! 

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