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Real Cowboys


American Cowboys were quite often black. The image above and button are linked to the Smithsonian site detailing black cowboys. There is also a podcast you can find on Spotify, Apple and I-heart radio. We are in the process of getting permission to link to the podcast once that comes through we will link to it here.


The ark before Noah? Mr. Irving Finkel explains about this in an article about this. A 3700 year old Sumerian clay tablet details how to build one. The replica ark (above) and its original design was based on a coracle and the vessel (pictured) has been constructed according to exact instructions marked on clay tablets from ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq)

Ainu People


The Ainu People


The Ainu are the original inhabitants of Japan. They are part of the Genetic group D in the genetic index. They came originally from Central Africa and throughout Asia. They moved into the Japanese Islands about 100,000 years ago according to oral histories. There is a lot of conjecture about how they moved into Japan. Some say they came into Japan from the north through Siberia, others tracking genetic testing say they Came into Japan through Europe into Asia, and down into the Japanese Islands from Korea. It is likely several migrations took place.

Ainu people are unique in that they are not Asiatic. They are lighter-skinned, looking more European. They lived throughout Japan, and into Siberia at one point. They are accepted into the Sami preservation project and are recognized as indigenous people by the United Nations. They have their own language and culture which was nearly lost due to an assimilation policy that incorporated many Ainu into Japanese culture much like what has happened in Canada and the US. In recent years this policy has changed, and the Ainu have seen a revival in their culture and have reclaimed their identity. Ainu art, music, and dance are beautiful and unique. They are among the lucky ones as many cultures have faded into antiquity lost to time. In an effort to keep the Ainu culture alive, the Japanese government now has Ainu representation and schools are offering cultural and language courses. Through education and sharing of their culture, we hope that the Ainu will be around for another 100,000 years.




What race are the Ainu people of Japan?



The Untold Story of Japan's First People

Jude Isabella is a science writer and editor who serves as the editor-in-chief of Hakai Magazine.


Ainu people




Have You Heard About The Ainu? Elders of Japan's Indigenous People Speak



Have You Heard About the Ainu? (Part 2) Toward a Better Understanding and World Peace



10 Fascinating Facts About the Ainu



Genetic origins of the Ainu were inferred from combined DNA analyses of maternal and paternal lineages

Tajima et al.,have%20observed%2025%20types%20of%20mtDNA...%20More%20



Thanadelthur, the “Ambassadress of Peace,” was instrumental in negotiating peace between the Chipewyan and Cree people. She was a fascinating and courageous woman whose actions had a huge impact on the history of HBC — yet without oral history and mentions of her in James Knight’s journals, we wouldn’t even know her name.


Ukraine began as part of the Scythian empire. A nomadic Mongol like equestrian society which existed from the 8th century BCE to the second century CE. The records of these people come mostly from the writings of the India, Greece, ancient Rome and ancient Persia. The most detailed being from Herodotus who travelled Scythia in his life time. Though some contest his accuracy; modern archaeology has confirmed some of his claims.

The migration of the Slavic people into the area forming the foundations of the Slavic nations between the 5th century CE and 10th century CE. It then enters history proper with the emergance of Kievan Rus’ a Slavic federation of eastern and northern Europe which existed from the 9th century to the 13th century. Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine all claim this as the origins of their people. This is contested even to today as Russia has committed to a campaign which has levelled the city of Mariupol and destroyed many historical buildings all the while killing thousands of those they would claim to be their people. This is a tragedy.

From 1240 to 1991 when the Soviet union dissolved. Ukraine has always fought for its freedom and it is no different now. They are a noble people who just want to live their lives and be free. They have a very diverse background from Mongols, to Slavs, to indigenous Europeans. Their culture is unique and beautiful.


Ryukyu Peoples


By Allen Whitestag


The Ryukyu people are a group of cultures who live in the Ryukyu islands ranging from Kyushu to Taiwan. My experience with Ryukyu people stems from my martial arts training. The martial art I trained in was Uechi Ryu a style of Chinese/Okinawan karate which has its roots in Shaolin kungfu taught in Fukien province china in the Taiwan strait.

The Ryukyu people are indigenous to the Ryukyu islands which is now part of Japan. They have their own languages most of which have faded due the use of Japanese and Okinawan Japanese languages over their native tongue. The Ryukyu people are not yet recognized by Japan as indigenous. The assimilation policy of Japan in the early 1900s led to the loss of many Ryukyu languages as it was banned and actively discouraged in public.

The Ryukyu people have a rich culture. They had a somewhat matriarchal society focused on maritime trade and subsistence. Some traditions still survive. The festival of Paantu is one such tradition which mud caked and masked individual representing gods come to chase out evil and bless children by splashing them with mud. This is akin to the western Halloween but takes place between September and mid October with the change of season. The Ryukyu people have their own beliefs and traditions which are focused on the seasonal shifts and religious traditions. They have a fusion of other cultures with Korea, China and Japan. This is due to their being a trading hub for many centuries. This has lead to Ryukyu people having a unique culture in the region. Check out the list on this wikipedia page The Ryukyu people are a beautiful people we hope that they can gain the same protection that the Ainu have.



Minorityrights dot org




Around 1774 PEGUIS, was an Ojibway born near Sault Ste Marie at the east end of Lake Superior. He is most commonly referred to as Little Chip or Chief Cut Nose.


Ten Pence Terrors

E.A. Wilson aka. Brother XII

by Allen Whitestag

Edward Arthur Wilson was born July 25th, 1878, in Birmingham England. He was raised in an Apostolic Catholic tradition. He eventually became a ship's captain which afforded him a chance to travel. In 1902 He married Margery Clark and moved to British Columbia in 1907. By 1912 he abandoned his family and returned to the sea traveling until he fell sick in the south of France in 1924.

This is where the story becomes interesting! Before his illness in France Edward spent some time learning about world religions and in particular Theosophy. This set the stage for what came next. In the south of France Edward became sick and started having visions and going into trances (possibly induced by drug use or bouts of mental illness). Edward began to think himself a conduit for the twelfth brother of the White Lodge. It is at this time he started calling himself Brother XII. He wrote the book Three truths and his manifesto “A message from the masters of wisdom” In 1926 Edward returned to England where his writings attracted the attention of the British theosophical society. From there, his writings were published throughout Europe and then the west. In 1927 he moved to Cedar BC on Vancouver Island. There with the help of wealthy British benefactors, he bought land and started touring Canada gathering followers. By year's end, he had gathered 8000 followers giving money to the Aquarian Foundation. Some describe him as the L Ron Hubbard of Canada. A cult leader who many hold as a model for cult leaders worldwide.

The bones of this story is interesting. Brother XII is an occult figure who attempted to create a Utopian future for himself and his followers. Like many cults, it began with grand ideas but fell apart with the disillusionment of its followers of the cult leader. Brother XII even attempted to create a third party for the 1928 US federal election. He predicted that the 1928 election would end in a violent civil war. This prediction didn’t happen. He still gained more popularity. Given the events of last year with the insurrection on January 6, 2021, it is interestingly relevant to now. He did however accurately predict the stock market crash.

He convinced Myrtle Baumgartner that she and he were the reincarnations of Osiris and Isis which ended in her mental breakdown after multiple miscarriages. Shortly after Brother XII was accused of embezzling funds from the Aquarian foundation by a disillusioned member of the foundation. The charges were dropped with the testimony of Mary Connolly that she had gifted him the funds he had taken.

Over time the cult slowly declined. What spurred the final destruction of the cult was the paranoid and abusive behavior of Brother XII and his consort Madame Z aka Mable Skottowe. It ended with Brother XII in court with Mary Connolly and others suing him for the return of the funds they had put into the foundation.

This court case is what drew my attention to this. It is said that the court case was plagued by strange occurrences. Attorneys fainting, the judge growling like a dog when trying to speak. One of Brother XII’s followers claimed he had tried to assassinate his enemies with black magic. In 1932 during the court case, Brother XII escaped and fled with Madame Z taking as much money as they could and destroying a part of the compound in the process. Two years later a death certificate was issued for him in Neuchâtel, Switzerland on November 7th, 1934. Despite this, people said they saw him on multiple occasions in the US and Canada after his supposed death. Madame Z was never seen again.

This strange and interesting man, who may have been the conduit of Theosophy's White lodge member Brother XII, is a mystery to explore. Let’s jump into this rabbit hole and explore the connections this case presents to us. Whether it is a terror to behold or a fraud by a man desperate for attention and power.


Brother XII (Edward Arthur Wilson)


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Victoria Bc Highschool

This image was taken during the Victoria Highschool renovation in 2020.

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