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Ten Pence Terrors. 2/4/22

Obsidian butterfly

By AllenWhitestag

     Black butterflies are considered to be omens of misfortune by many. If the first butterflies of the season are black it foretells of a stormy season and higher rainfall. It can also be a symbol of transition, renewal and rebirth. A symbol of change which can some times be brutal. It is in many cultures a symbol of death but not necessarily a bad death. Butterflies eat liquid predominantly. Mostly the nectar from plants but they like salty liquids and will land on humans to eat their sweat. This can be said of the liquids of corpses perhaps? In Irish Celtic myth the black butterfly is a soul unwilling or unable to find rest. They linger for a time in places they loved or their in family homes.

     The Aztec goddess Itzpapalotl " the obsidian butterfly" is said to camouflage herself as a black butterfly during solar eclipses to devour souls. Itzpapalotl " the Obsidian butterfly" is a skeletal goddess with jaguar talons and obsidian tipped wings. She was the goddess of birth and death. She is the protector of women who died in childbirth and still born children. She is on of the Tzitzimime or Star daemons. A ferocious warrior and possibly the mother of Mixcaotl. She is ruler of Tamoanchan the place were humans were made from the bones and blood of the dead.
      Obsidian butterfly sounds like a death metal band. She is an interesting divinity to say the least. The myths of black butterflies come from our fear of the dark places around us. Sometimes you have to challenge yourself and explore the hidden dark to become a better you. For more reading look below in the references. 




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