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Hidden Histories


The American Cowboys; the true story. This is a great find for us. A bunch of stories told but hidden which need to be preserved so that they never become hidden again. Check out our hidden histories page.



Thanadelthur, the “Ambassadress of Peace,” was instrumental in negotiating peace between the Chipewyan and Cree people. She was a fascinating and courageous woman whose actions had a huge impact on the history of HBC — yet without oral history and mentions of her in James Knight’s journals, we wouldn’t even know her name.

Garden Gangstas


    Before we tell you about the meaning of the title. We want to introduce you to Ron Finley. In 2010 Ron saw that people where lacking good food and decided to do something about it. He planted vegetables in neglected dirt patches in South central LA. The city soon cited him for gardening without a permit. In true Gangsta form he fought back; petitioning for the right to garden in his neighborhood and won! This started his journey to provide communities with gardens where people learn to grow vegetables and plants for themselves. More than this it brings communities together in a common goal; providing for each other. This is the true meaning of what it is to be a Gangsta. Gangsters began as young men and women trying to protect and grow their communities. Please join Ron and be a Garden Gangsta!


Fairy tales are cautionary tales of the past which can be whimsical or grim. They are great fun to read and immerse your mind in. 

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